Illuminated Church of Christ Activities

In Illuminated path Organization we help our members to attain total liberation, thus we have the following activities:

  • Charity and Fund rising Remember whatever you do think or say ask your self;
  • Is it necessary?
  • Is it Charity?
  • Is it Truth?---If the answers to the above questions are yes, go ahead and do it, for that is the will of the Cosmic Power.
  • Every member is expected to meditate on every Thursday night for 30 minutes. However technique will be taught to members through our Sat sang Sutras.
  • Every member should follow the formula on the back of his ID card and may request for special blessing by sending for prayer request with a free will donation.
  • Always try to visit the temple nearest to you for advice and remember to enclose stamped self addressed envelop and quote your membership number for prompt reply, when writing.
  • Every member is expected to contribute any amount as his or her hand can reach, pray and give as you inwardly led to give, God loves a Cheerful giver and through your contributions, the light is carried to awaiting world.
  • When ordering item from our catalogue or temple quote your membership No and get 10% discount from the price.



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