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Membership Procedures

Membership are on the individual and correspondent basis, it is for all ages and for both males females. However membership is not automatic and are subjected to approval by the presiding master or his ordained disciple

When an individual is approved, his questionnaire shall be place into our MEDITATION ARK, where an intense meditation, Light and prayer are offered for the individual progress and protection so as to attain his or her chosen goal. Remember, there is no bound that holds a member and as such individual are free to join or withdraw as a member.


To Enroll as an Individual, follow the guidelines below
  • Fill the enclosed membership form. (Download form here)
  • Think carefully and properly before you fill the form in order to fill the right goal of your choice, do not rush it for this will be your long term goals.
  • Return it with individual annual subscription fee of R300 It can be paid in an installment of R100 Quarterly (i.e. R100 every four months). This fee is used in processing of your forms, ID Card, monthly lessons and other rites otherwise membership is entirely free.


To Enroll as a family, follow the guidelines Below


Please be reminded that this section only include couples, widow or widower living in the same roof together with their children below the age of 16years. To enroll under this cover;

  • Photocopy the downloadable membership form and fill separately all the names of the members of your family.
  • Attach all together and remit with R500 family membership fee.

Kindly bear in mind also that under this cover, Sat sang Sutra sent are for the entire family and should be studied collectively and interpreted to the kids who could not read and write. Children above 16 years should apply as individual. Person who cannot read or write are eligible to apply and should get someone close to him to read and interpret the lessons for him or her.

Foreign members living abroad (Europe, America, and Australia etc.) subscribes with annual fee of $50 US, €40 or £30 British pound sterling per individual while Family membership attracts $100, €80 or £50 respectively.

Those from other Africa and Asia Countries subscribe with $25 per individual and $40 U.S. over family membership.

Kindly download the enrollment form by clicking here and fax, e-mail or post the completed form to us. Kindly get our fax number here




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