Illuminated Church of Christ

We have a lot of services available to members, they Includes the following:

  • Intense counseling, teaching of meditation and Yoga science as well as practical initiations to those who have attain some spiritual height.
  • SATSANG CLASSES AND TEMPLE activities. Otherwise known as the gathering of the children of light where wisdom of God are shared with love.
  • Monthly lessons that teaches practical mysticism and of the unknown as well as practical method to personal achievement.
  • AURA BALANCING to protect one self from psychic attacks and evil disturbances.
  • Individual powerful protections from enemies, witchcraft, elemental forces and dangers from the spirit world and man made evils.
  • Practical teachings of healing methods and healing of all kinds of infirmities.
  • Spiritual works, such as esoteric interpretation of individual destiny, Inner phasing to be able to perform soul projection and polarity Balancing to stop unwanted habits, morbid fears and to overcome ones weaknesses.
  • 10% discount on any article or book purchased by members.
  • Mystical teachings, some people reports that prayer (Faith Healing) and miracle don't work for them, it is in this teachings that one learns the secret of super natural power and miracle and utilizes them for his or her own benefits and for others.

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