Illuminated Church of Christ: Aims and Purpose

  • As the motto states: Total liberation.
    Our Aim and purpose in this auspicious time are as follows:

    • To Carry out Charitable services to under privileged, refugees, Destitute, old age homes and those affected/infected with HIV Aids.
    • Fund raising activities to help us surmount innumerable problems facing our projects.
    • To connect individual to the audible currents of life so as to attain self realization and possibly God's realization while still alive
    • To set individual free from adversities, so as to have footing to attain his chosen goal.
    • To emancipate the individual from human bondage's, evil bondage, dogmatic bondage, mental bondage, emotional and material bondage, so as to attain Samadhi (Enlightenment) while still alive.
    • To provide help and assistance to the orphanage, street kids and people with disabilities.

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