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The Divine Illuminated path Proposed worship/center:
Prospective Building Project, which will serve as the Permanent place of worship/center of activities: to foster our constant endeavor to liberate mankind and to house Orphanage, destitute, street kids, old age, disabled and free hospital/after care for those infected with HIV Aids.

Having taken major task that involves the helping of orphanage homes, street kids and old age homes, has given us no 1. spot in Africa. Being a world wide non-denominational Organization that is founded for the purpose of Organizing spiritual work, charity, relief work, Healing, deliverance and liberation of the souls that are heavily troubled.

The center is going to be superb and will employ 4,000 volunteer workers and 2,000 paid staff. The main bowl for spiritual centre shall contain 25,000 seats excluding the podium—a massive 130sqm where the information shall be disseminated to the congregation weekly. Surrounding the dome are the administrative offices, housing for the underprivileged, destitute, hospitals/aftercare center and housing for other activities. Underground the dome are massive space for car parks. The last floor within the center are for the Rectors, international visitors accommodation, tourist and the donors guest house.

This Massive Building project will be a major break through in our constant endeavor to humanity. Therefore we humbly ask you to assist us in any way that you can, to complete this massive Building project.

Which will go to great length in helping us in the following ways:
To assist us in the current campaign to get street kids off the street.
To aid us in responding and acting quickly to the needs of the charity, like the orphanage Homes, natural disaster victims, the sick etc. We are calling for your financial support to her 2-billion Rand Charity/Illupath prayer center Headquarters Building and equipment appeal fund. "For your house shall be called the house of prayer for all people" (Isaiah 56:7)
"In thy light shall we see Light".....(Psalms 36:9)

Give your Widows might!, Donate what ever amount of money or equipment you can prayerfully afford to this international center building project appeal fund!!. We sincerely ask for your help "For God is not unrighteous so as to forget your work and labor of love which you have showed toward his name" Heb.6:10. He that giveth, let him do it with simplicity Rom. 12:8 and everyman according as he purpose in his heart 2Cor. 9:7.

We have just received an offer for a semi developed landed property that is enough for our international building headquarters, which consist of two giant conference Hall. The finished building project will be as massive as the one you have seen in the picture above. we are expected to pay for this property within two months from this date.

Please in the light of this, we appeal to you, who delight in investing in the things of the lord to come over to Macedonia the holy name of house of God) and lend us a helping hand. Please no matter how little or big the amount you decide to give to this righteous course of alleviating the problems of the less privileged (those infected with HIV Aids, orphans and those at the old age homes) You are helping a life to live and solve problems, The almighty God shall bless you abundantly as you join hands with us to save a life and build this Massive center of God. May the Almighty God Bless you.

Please kindly download the form here , fill it and send it along with your donations.



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